Monday, April 20, 2009

Rotting Christ Posponed!!

ni surat dari organizer untuk Gig Rotting Christ..

surat dari organizer :

Regret to inform that the show, Rotting Christ In Malaysia have to be postpone later this year. We, the organizer, fail to obtain one (1) from total seven (7) permits for the show. On this day, 14th of April 2009, Tuesday, both parties, Jawatankuasa Agensi Pusat Permohonan Penggambaran Filem Dan Persembahan Artis Luar Negara under Kementerian Kebudayaan, Kesenian Dan Warisan Malaysia and Rathom Enterprise, the organizer fail to achieve understanding thus this will drag us to certain period of time for reapplication under different concept as advised by the Ministry Department.

The date will be somewhere end of this year. We are waiting confirmation from Rotting Christ.

Razif Raship

Jadi tunggu la the next date..

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Auk's de Nekrademus said...

jom kita bawak band roti keraih mau
free jek pon fee dia
wa dgr DCA masuk studio hujung bulan ni