Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vokill Fest 2010

Previous post I just update the confirmation of the gig, today I update with a great artwork flyers for the gig.

Featuring the legendary metal band from malaysia Blackfire! together with old band from Ipoh Profane Creation, Aradia and DCA!!!

I hope this time Dark Nirrajim will play on this gig, they popular with a last minute cancel.

Beheading Live Ritual 2010!

Yearly fest in siam! this time there bring Inquisition! Arghhhhhhhhh...
featuring Impeity (your new logo litle bit weird, i like your old logo!) ,Surrender Of Divinity, Mantak (Malaysia), Zygoatsis, Grind Buto (indonesia?) Heligerent Intent.

Only for the DEADicated!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ekstrim Terrorrism 4

For 4th time this fest alive!!! If I not mistaken this will be the 1st time Silkhannaz will perfome at Kelantan land!

Supporting with all kelantanese local band such as Omen (Sufian Nathias band),Dark Regime,SlaughterSoul,In Torment,PND and many more!

One of the best show i ever attended and played before!

Hail Kelantan Metal Army!

** copycat Wacken Flyers! hehehe..

Impiety - Terroreign over SingaHell!

Be There!