Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Demonical Crisis Assembly (DCA) - Open Fire OUT NOW!

Demonical Crisis Assembly (DCA) - Open Fire (limited to 200) debut album out now!

Official release 01-08-2010 at Vokill Fest! you guys also can leave a message in this blog or message me to waxs696(at) for more details.

See you guys at Vokill fest 2010!

Till then!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vokill Fest UPDATE!

Special appearance from Legendary Rock from malaysia SYJ!!!
This is the third time this gig adding a new band before this they add Hayagiva and Vermillion.

Till then!

DCA will launch a new debut album on this gig!

be prepare!!

Final Grindown 3 (Cumming Soon!!)

ECO Fest - Part 2

I'am very-very disappointment for this gig!
Less people!
Sales going down! As Sahar supposed to played on 7 pm but postponed till 10 pm! DAMN!
After 12 years, as sahar come back to penang only played 3 song! WTF! They came far from penang but only played a few song...hmmmm...

But it's good effort from organizer especially to Akey n Shah Zainal.

Argghh! Waste my time! but the time I spent with my friend and as saharian is priceless...


Saturday, July 10, 2010

ECO Fest - Part 1

Some pics taken from yesterday night during As Sahar sound check. As sahar is the 1st band sound check the stage.

What can i say the place is very big! like we having Iron Maiden show tonight! great equipment but the sound man little bit "pening2" sound not very clear n bassy.

Hopefully tomorrow i will get more money from my collection sale.

Update later guys.

Friday, July 9, 2010

I'am @ penang now!

I'am here for ECO fest tomorrow!
Featuring As sahar, Silent Death , SYJ, Picagari ( it's a OLD malaysia band?) Ensemble of silence and many more.. only this band i heard before the rest...hmmmm...maybe later i figure out....

Update you guys soon!