Monday, September 27, 2010

Magenta Silk Screen

Me part of DCA would like to send our greatest regard and million thanks to Magenta Silk Screen for sponsored Sold Out Official DCA - Open Fire t-shirts during Possesed 2010 gig.

If you guys outhere searching for t-shirts printing, I recommended Magenta Screen as your partner!


Monday, September 6, 2010

Rhys Review Zine Vol 3


'Black Ritual of Satan (Split 2010)'

East meets West in this epic expedition, with Peru's Black Angel and South Korea's Adokhsiny joining forces and wielding Blackened Death Metal to the extreme, these are two of the most promising acts in the underground yet to be unearthed by the Metal music media. Even though both bands opt for satanic lyrics, not just bound to the Norwegian Black Metal scene, but now globally Satanism is appearing everywhere. In two countries where Christianity is both prevalent, it is a wonder how this music was let out, none the less; they are both performing the 'Black Ritual Of Satan'.


Friday, September 3, 2010

October gig calendar!

October Metal Calendar!!

Starting with Mayhemic Musica (02.10.10)

Featuring Sabahell Blasphemer Mantak!!,Hereafter,Cardiac Necropsy (sgp), Brain Dead, Damokis & etc.

Prepare for it because Mantak gonna RAPE you!!!

The next meeting will be 10 October (10.10.10) - Total War!

Featuring Infectious Maggots! (last i have seen IM at Dewan Chin Woo) for sure i don't want to miss this one, Sil Khannaz, Legendary Thrash Metal Nemesis (Aru Koffin Kanser old band), Aradia and many more!

Our last meeting will be Tribute to Max Cavalera (Sepultura,Soulfly,Nailbomb)

Almost 20 band will play that day! i don't want to mention one by one, you guys can check it by your self.

October Assault! Standby for your $$ this upcoming october!