Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jualan Kasi Habis 2013!!

RM 10

Afflictis Lentae - From Nothing To Nothing Thrash
Herald - Heavy Metal Wake The Beast
Imbrue - Cado Datur Verbs
Otargos - Codex 666 - Infernal Legions Strike EP
Taranis - Flandriae
Vormit - Life Is Your Enemy
Witches Sabbath - New World Plague
Xanadoo Split
Extirpation - Tormentor Supreme Black Katharsis
Orthodox - Forever Not Yet
Land Of Hate - Neutralized Existence
Demonical Crisis Assembly - Open Fire

RM 20

Arphaxat - Loudun la Maudite CD version is limited
Megiddo (Can) - The Devil and the Whore
Otargos - No God, No Satan
United Alkoholic Speed War Metal (Adokhsiny + Abigail + Helltorment)

RM 30

Allegiance - Vrede Featuring Ex-Marduk B-War & Peter
Divine Eve/ Hex split CD - Vengeful and Obstinate
Impending Doom - Signum of Hate
Kriegmachine - Altered states of Divinity
Spazztic Blurr - Before and After
Skitliv - Skandinavisk Misantropi Featuring Ex-Mayhem vocalist 

RM 45

Unanimated - In the Light of Darkness
Sodom - Marooned

** Tambah RM5 untuk pembelian 1 CD dan Free postage untuk pembelian 3 dan keatas!
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