Monday, August 30, 2010

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Adokhsiny - Forbidden Zine Review!

Combining bestial black metal assault with old school death metal punishment, ‘Black Ritual of Satan’ is a triumphant victory in the war against the flock of god. Peruvian lords of darkness Black Angel offer 4 incantations from beyond the grave while South Korea’s Adokhsiny drive the final 3 nails into the coffin lid. Released in January on CD by Infernal Kaos Productions, ‘Black Ritual of Satan’ does little to dress old bones in new skin in favor of simply crushing them with a furious and blinding warfare.

The 4 offerings from Black Angel are fast and sharp as a switchblade, slicing through the dark night air and into anything in their path. ‘After Death’ and ‘Occult Past’ blur the senses and are relentless in their chaotic attack. I liken the effect to repeatedly stabbing the corpse long after the heart became motionless and the blood ceased to pump…that certain blind rage is a fitting description for the violence and madness that you will hear from Black Angel. I can’t say that the guitar work or song structure is at all technical, epic or prog…it just fucking kills you. The drums keep things interesting and change the feel quite often which helps divert the attention away from the somewhat uninspiring guitar passages. Contains the track, ‘The Hell’, which first appeared as early as 2002.

Completing the ‘Black Ritual of Satan’ is South Korea’s Adokhsiny, a three piece whose style mixing death vo-kills with blasting drums and the occasional simplistic early thrash guitar riffs. ‘Ritual of Lust’ and ‘Triumph of Bestial Desecrator’ really caught my ear since they both start off with the same hi-hats count off and launch into very similar opening passages…I listened back and forth in disbelief at how much they sound the same. Luckily, both tracks lead into different and original directions. The former, which may be the strongest track, dominates with a strong vo-kill assault, blasting verses and strong bridge. ‘Triumph of Bestial Desecrator’ sets an early 80’s thrash riff a la ‘Kill ‘em All’ on top of a furious battery of drums and manages to raise the level of intensity a few more times to completely obliterate the listener. Even a few ‘guitar solos’, which are really just some direction-less scribbles with a whammy bar, make their way into the three tracks from Adokhsiny, offering yet another layer of diversity in their sound.

All in all, ‘Black Ritual of Satan’ is an album that is a good experience but doesn’t compel the listener to become completely enthralled with any tracks. If I were to go find another release by either band and could only pick one, it would be Black Angel…and since Black Angel has a shitload of releases, this shouldn’t be a problem. While the style of Adokhsiny was refreshing, it just didn’t make me beg for mercy…but that is just me. Spill your blood in a ‘Black Ritual of Satan’!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Celda 211

Hye guys!
Check this one, Awesome & great movie from spain.
I recommended for fan Prison Break.

4 / 5

Dying Fetus In KL!

Dying Fetus - Live in Kuala Lumpur!
Rumor i heard this show will be cancel due of the name of the band! ! Not really sure it's true or not. Just a rumor!

Opening act by legendary Damage Digital (Grindcore from Japan!) i have DD cassette but now i lost it! DAMN IT! if i sell it today it worth than a million hahahaha!

Grotesque Impalement rules!! The rest can FUKK OFF!