Monday, May 31, 2010

01/08/2010 - Vokill Fest!

Malam semalam wa baru dpt sms dan confirmation utk fest ni :

Vokill Fest 2010

featuring :

Dark Nirrajim
Demonical Crisis Assembly
Infernal Void
Profane Creation
Nefarious Azarak
Ensemble Of Silence

Date: 01/08/2010
Venue : 1 Cafe Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Adokhsiny / Black Angel Split 2010 Release

My International band Adokhsiny release the 2nd split with Black Angel (Peruvian Most Extreme BM)

For Adokhsiny we add 1 new song for this split different with 5 way split with Land Of Hate and etc. Still available to grab it before it's to late!

Limited release!



Impiety cancel to play in malaysia this august. There will play straight to Siam after finish their Europe tour together with Archgoat, Surrender of Divinity and etc.