Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Neftaraka "Raw is Law" EP 2009

Lama jugak aku x jumpe dengan Xxull ni dulu last masa Brain Dead kalo x silap aku kat MCPA , ada tanye jugak pasal Neftaraka, dier ckp aku yang Neftaraka tgh recording. Now Neftaraka is back with new EP 2009 hailing from Hutan Belantara Ipoh, Perak tp limited to 66 copy jer, gila LIMITED! yang direlease from malaysian label KVLT666.

"Raw is Law" tu dier tajuk mcm WWE confirm totally RAW as usual, last release depa The First Born Evil Compilation pun hasil keluaran Kvlt666 dan berinfluence kan old Dark Throne meet Von jadi korang tahu kan Neftaraka mcm maner so GET IT!


1996 Rehearsal anno December Moon (under Nazzathrone moniker)

1997 A.W.B.M debut demo (released by Dark Holocaust Prod RIP)

1998 V/a Dark Days Compilation Vol. 1 (Dark Holocaust Prod RIP)

1998 V/a Strange Tunes Compilation (unknown)

2006 V/a Malaya Steel Fornication Compilation (Nilai Loudblast,Malaysia)

2006 Live Official Bootleg (taken from F.S.F.T.F.U show. Eastern Myth,Malaysia)

2006 V/a Metal To Metals Compilation II (Ultra HIngax Prod, Malaysia)

2007 Ejaculation Ov The Wicked split tape (Sabbathid Recs, Japan)

2007 Evil Forest split CDR (Funeral Moonlight Prod, China)

2007 Live In Unholy Forest:The DEADicated (re-released by FMP, China)

2007 Themes Ov The Unknown Winds demo tapes (I.Ex.M.N, France)

2008 The First Born Evil Compilation (Kvlt666 Production, Malaysia)

2009 Raw Ist Law EP (Kvlt666 Production, Malaysia)

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