Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hari ni wa want to introduce you to the most crazy shah alam rock & roll.

Dorang da release demo album early of this years. Bagi wa, what can I say A.S.A.R.R music best! catchy, & easy to sing along , Aboy vocal very typical and very same like the old malaysian rock band. Ada kalanye vocal die tergeliat skit but who care? untuk release yang pertama wa raser x de masalah semua tu, maybe their can improvise for the next release.

I highly recommend you to buy this album! seriously good work from A.S.A.R.R cume band ni x diberi publisity yang meluas lagi untuk A.S.A.R.R. Showmanship on stage pun superb! In veins of AC/DC

Actually line-up band ni da cukup dikenali satu ketika dahulu especially the guitarist, Sifoo (Dirty Dogs,Gazaa) Hafeez (ArkhaytulMayt).

Get it before it's too late!

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