Sunday, October 3, 2010

Supporting Atilla (Tormentor / Mayhem ) @ Mayhemic Musica 2010

Last week i have been selected as a lineup to support Legendary vocal from Hungary Atilla Csihar ( Tormentor / Mayhem ). Is a honour to be part of it as a lineup with Atilla!!!

As a special Guest band for gig Mayhemic Musica at One Cafe. Other lineup for this special appearance for supporting Atilla is Ayie (Mental Phobia),Hashim(Insultor),Tormenized(In Torment).

FYI, we only have 4 hours before the show to practise and rehearsel for this gig. Because of Atilla we made it as a team!

Atilla request to played 4 song from the legendary album De Mysterious Dom Sathanas some of them which are Funeral Fog,Pagan Fear,
De Mysterious Dom Sathanas & Freezing Moon. But due lack of time we only manage to play 3 song which is Funeral fog,Pagan fear & Freezing Moon, De Mysterious Dom Sathanas change to Deathcrush!

Mayhem is my favourite band since i was 13 years old when i heard
De Mysterious Dom Sathanas album. My dream come true!!! It will never happen it again in my life! I will miss this and always will be....


Atilla (Tormentor / Mayhem)

Priceless moment for me together 1 stage with Atilla

Onstage with Atilla!

Backstage before onstage!

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